Web Developer
Your Expert: Jupiter Baudot, Full Stack Web Developer at Youth Policy Institute (Los Angeles, USA)
Your Expert:
Jupiter learned to code just four years ago at DevBootcamp. There he learned full stack Rails development and worked at start ups building web applications until shifting his focus on MERN development. Since then Jupiter built out a Ruby on Rails web app of Chinese Manufacturing companies, where users could bookmark factories for goods to be produced. He also contracted as a Front End Developer to build out Spanish version of Lexus' website and developed an app allowing Marketers to select Influencers to advertise their brands. He now works for a non profit Youth Policy Institute that helps to tutor and employ new coders fresh from bootcamps.

Course Plan:
  1. Career Insider Digest and deep dive into a profession (1.5 hours to complete): Your expert explains what their job is about and shares all of the ins and outs.
  2. Practical Exercise (2-5 hours to complete): An expert gives you an exercise so that you can get a first-hand experience and get exposed to the career.
  3. Occupation Worksheet (1 hour to complete): The final quizz that will help you summarize what you've learnt and reflect on your experience. It can also serve as the occupation worksheet.
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