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Become a Career Counselor
and start empowering young women
to choose their major right now
With potential income of 700 USD per month
This is a perfect course for you in case:
You want to start your profession
in a short period
of time
Your passion is
to help others
to make the right occupational choice
You think that career should be defined by ones skills and
not gender, race, or background
You want
to become
a counselor and
join worldwide community
of professionals
What does a Career Counselor help with?
Identifying the best job
for client's skills & interests
Improving potential for advancement
with the current employer
Discovering a career path to meet
client's personal & financial needs
Finding new career possibilities
when circumstances change
Better adapting to the new or current workplace
Planning and coping with career changes
Why Career Counseling
is the fastest-growing job of the future?
At present in India, there are
315 million students and
1 lakh counsellors
After COVID-19 more and more employees are starting to seek new jobs to work from home
Over 93% of Indian schools do not have dedicated career counsellors
Recent school graduates need help on
the fast-changing job market
full of disruptive technologies
Career Counselor
course programme
Module 1. Counseling and psychology approaches
Key themes:

  • Counseling and Psychology Approaches
  • Two Humanistic Theories
  • Cognitive Based Theories
  • Psychoanalytic based theories
  • Post modern theories
Module 2. Counseling process and techniques
Key themes:

  • Counseling process and techniques
  • Ethics and intake procedures
  • Brief counseling techniques
  • Active engagement in counseling
  • Assessment and treatment plan
Module 3. Group counseling: process and techniques
Key themes:

  • Introduction to Groups
  • Preparing for group counseling
  • Group process and techniques
  • Group therapeutic factors
  • Termination, evaluation and relationship to individual therapy
Module 4. Career counseling techniques
Key themes:

  • History of career counseling
  • Career counseling techniques
  • Stages of preparation to enter the university

Bonus lesson - How to work with student's families
Studying process in numbers
2 times a week
video-classes shared
of the material
is practiced
via homework
3 months
Course duration
120 hours
total course time
About us
Online university Young was founded in 2014 as a career counseling organization in order to help young adults to better understand their potential and career opportunities.

Since then more than 30 000 students have finished
our educational courses both offline and online. In order
to provide our students with the best knowledge and practices
we teamed up with various professionals all around the world.

Our mission is to create a community of trained counselors, who will improve lives of no less than 10% of our planet population.

We believe, that every person should get an equal access to job opportunities, based solely on their set of skills and knowledge, with no limitation to their gender, race, religion or background.
Frequenly Asked Questions
What certification will I get upon graduation?

After you complete the course you will get a certificate from Online University Young, which can be used in your digital profile as well as at your workplace.

What is the validity of this certification course?
Your certificate will have the same validity like any other diploma certificate programs for the Life Time.
Which institute this course is accredited with?
This course is eligible for university graduates only. Hence it does not require affiliation from AICT/UGC or similar affiliation bodies. Our certification is acceptable as a skilling program on the guidelines of Skill India and national vocational framework.
What is the length of this coursework?
The course is of 120+ hours with additional reference materials and tests. This is a self-paced online course with different modules and you can complete this course at your own convenience. Approximate time to complete the course is 3 months
Will I get access to the unique career test
from online university Young?

Absolutely. As our alumni you will be able to use our test, which will help you to work with your clients and help them to find the best career.

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