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Welcome to online course
"Becoming a Web Developer"
What will you find in this course?
1: Informational Interview
Begin with the pre-recorded informational interview with a hand-picked and experienced industry professional who has demonstrated extreme proficiency in their respective field.

Total Time: 1.5 hours to complete

Preparation: Make sure you have a pen and a paper or a notebook that you can use to make notes while watching the videos.

Instructions: Watch the videos, make notes and write down your insights.

Class 1. Introduction: You will meet your expert and learn about their career journey.

Class 2. Job overview: In this module, you will become familiar with the occupation and the kind of tasks that this professional does on a typical day.

Class 3. Education & Skills: Your expert explains what education, skills and personal qualities are important to succeed at this job.

Class 4. Career Path & Salary Overview: Your expert shares what are the opportunities for growth and different paths within the field as well as ways to make a sustainable income.

Class 5. Positive & difficult aspects of the job: You learn what is the most rewarding and what kind of difficulties you face at this job.

Class 6. Advice: Your expert shares how to be successful at this profession and what mistakes to avoid.
Your Expert:
Jupiter Baudot, Full Stack Web Developer at Youth Policy Institute (Los Angeles, USA)
Jupiter learned to code just four years ago at DevBootcamp. There he learned full stack Rails development and worked at start ups building web applications until shifting his focus on MERN development.

Since then Jupiter built out a Ruby on Rails web app of Chinese Manufacturing companies, where users could bookmark factories for goods to be produced.

He also contracted as a Front End Developer to build out Spanish version of Lexus' website and developed an app allowing Marketers to select Influencers to advertise their brands.

He now works for a non profit Youth Policy Institute that helps to tutor and employ new coders fresh from bootcamps.
Before you start watching this video, make sure that you have a list of paper or a notebook and a pen so you can complete the exercises suggested in the course.

It's important that you pay attention to the content as at the end you will need to answer the questions covered in the course.

Enjoy the course!
2. Practical Exercise
You can become a Web Developer for a day and see how you like the experience!
The exercises are designed to give you a first-hand experience, expose you to the career and give you a deep insight of each occupation.

Total Time: 5 - 15 hours to complete

Preparation: none


Step 1: Follow the link below to see the exercise designed for you by experienced Web Developer;

Step 2: Complete the exercise on your own using the tools you have available;

Step 3: Include the link to the website that you will build in the final quizz. If your website is not published you can upload the project to cloud (Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox) and share the link;

Step 4: Reflect on what you learned about the job and your experience from the exercise.
3. Occupation Worksheet
Gathering information and reflecting on your experience is a critical step in making an effective career decision. After learning more about the occupation and completing the practical exercise, take this quiz to summarize what you've learnt about the occupation.

Total Time: 1 hour to complete

Step 1: Complete the final quiz to summarize what you've learnt and reflect on your experience;

Step 2: After completing the quiz, click on the checkbox to receive a copy of your response. You can use the content from the quiz as the occupation worksheet;

You just completed the course and learnt more about the occupation. We hope that you had lots of insights and found this course helpful.

Now you can decide whether it is a right fit for you or not and if you want to learn about other occupations to expand your choices.
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