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Sound Designer / Audio Engineer
Your Expert: Paola Messina, Sound Designer & Audio Engineer (New York, USA)
Your Expert:
Paola is a sound designer and audoi engineer with research interests that fall in the intersection between music, culture, and gender. Paola has been credited as a sound designer and mixer in several short narrative and documentary films like The Stone & The Stars, Keep Me Posted, Sometimes, Forever and, most recently, worked as a Music Supervisor on the feature film Ask for Jane (2018). Currently she works as the Project Manager of Sound Thinking NYC, a program of the CUNY Creative Arts Team. She holds a BA in Music and Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and an MA in Media Studies from the New School.

Course Plan:
  1. Career Insider Digest and deep dive into a profession (1.5 hours to complete): Your expert explains what their job is about and shares all of the ins and outs.
  2. Practical Exercise (2-5 hours to complete): An expert gives you an exercise so that you can get a first-hand experience and get exposed to the career.
  3. Occupation Worksheet (1 hour to complete): The final quizz that will help you summarize what you've learnt and reflect on your experience. It can also serve as the occupation worksheet.
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