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Help your students to understand their future career possibilities with our career counselling game
your students will acquire new skills & improve existing ones
Leadership & initiative skills
→ helps to manage situations and people, negotiate and reach goals

Teamwork & partnership
→ helps to achieve common goals while working in team
Communication skills
→ helps to interact effectively and cooperate with others
Goal setting
→ helps to develop a strategy and overcome difficulties
Time management
→ helps students to organize their time wisely and set priorities
CV writing
→ helps students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a work environment
Presentation skills
→ helps students to engage the audience and transmit the messages with clarity
Skill of exploring demanding jobs
→ helps students to create their own career progression plan
As students need to cooperate in teams during the game, it prevents the process of bullying and helps to build a a safe environment in the class. Children learn to treat team workers with respect as well as strengthen ties with each other.
Game Program
3 minutes
3 minutes
Introduction into the game & explaining rules
6 minutes
6 minutes
Selection and dividing children into groupsCreating team names & mottos
20 minutes
20 minutes
Learning about chosen majors in ineractive way & performing assignments
2 minutes
2 minutes
Team leaders presents their answers
7 minutes
7 minutes
Write a resume using special templates
2 minutes
2 minutes
Calculating points and determining winners
I. Career guidance game with competition elements
Stage 1

Children are being divided into 4 teams (they may be fewer, but not less than 2). The amount of rounds: 2.

Each team gets a list of professions to choose from. Children have to pick 2 specialists. The task of the team members: to name as many correct tasks of the specialist they have chosen as possible.

Each team names the tasks,which are later being calculated in the team rating table.
II. Writing a CV

Stage 2

Teams create a CV using the templates approved by professionals for one of the two specialists they have chosen.

Afterwards the team leader presents the resume.
List of possible occupations
  1. Web-designer
  2. Architect
  3. Journalist
  4. Film director
  5. Therapeut
  6. Software engineer
  7. Engineer
  8. Lawyer
Dividing into teams
There are a few possible methods of fividing children into tems:
  • by their eye colour
  • by the first letter of their surnames
  • by their favourite colour
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This was a perfect resource for our career day. It was fun and very informative. Our older students wanted to play over and over :) Thank you!
James Miller
High school teacher in Oklachoma
It is a great product for discussing career choices. I can't wait to use this game really to complement a career cluster unit. Thank you.
Melania Garcia
Schoul counsellor in New-York private school
This game was so much fun! Love using this with my students. My small group of juniors are super excited about becoming seniors next year!
Sarah Martinez
Primary school teacher in California
Awesome activity! My kids loved it. It took a little explaining, but once they got the idea, it worked really well. Thank you for creating it.
Martin Davis
English language teacher in New Jersey
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CV templates
Special templates - online & printable versions
All required files for the game
Documents available both in online and printable versions
Information about each major
Detailed description of duties, a training of occupations available after the quiz
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