Architectural Designer
Your Expert: Andrea Munoz, Architectural Designer at JFA Architects (New York, USA)
Your Expert:
Andrea graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Master in Architecture. Her architecture design combines landscape, sustainable and parametric design. Having lived and traveled around North and South America and Europe, her design approach revolves around the human being and maintains the authenticity of the site, while enhancing environments and exploring the use of technology that enables connections between man, nature, and architecture. She is experienced in designing and directing projects from filing to completion.

Course Plan:
  1. Career Insider Digest and deep dive into a profession (1.5 hours to complete): Your expert explains what their job is about and shares all of the ins and outs.
  2. Practical Exercise (2-5 hours to complete): An expert gives you an exercise so that you can get a first-hand experience and get exposed to the career.
  3. Occupation Worksheet (1 hour to complete): The final quizz that will help you summarize what you've learnt and reflect on your experience. It can also serve as the occupation worksheet.
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